Published May 17, 2018

Rice Magazine

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Nairobi Days
Shelina Shariff-Zia ’85 (Dog Ear Publishing, 2017)

Drawing from personal and family history, Shelina Shariff-Zia ’85 crafts the fictional narrative of Shaza, a young Indian woman growing up in Kenya. “Nairobi Days” chronicles Shaza’s coming-of-age story as she manages her strict family life, a forbidden romance and the country’s political turmoil. Rice enters the scene when Shaza attends the university in the 1980s, where she must acclimate to a dramatically different lifestyle. Shaza struggles to fit in and is shocked by some Rice traditions like Baker 13, but she joins KTRU and begins to find her way. Shariff-Zia made her career in journalism and currently teaches at Bronx Community College